Easy Ways to Start Using Solar Energy in the Family Home

Guest post by Gemma Hastings.

Running the average family home requires an awful lot of energy. Not just for the parents either, but also in terms of your electricity and gas. This can get rather expensive, and it’s something of a worry for those of us who want to be as eco efficient as we can be, so it’s important to find ways to reduce the amount that we use and to try and find more sustainable energy sources that we can use whenever possible.

Solar energy is just one such sustainable source, and it’s a great tool that’s relatively easy to implement around the family home without too much work and without costing a fortune. All you need is the know how…

 Here then we will look at some easy ways that you can start using solar energy in your family home and saving a lot of money as a result.

Garden Lights

Perhaps the most useful and straightforward solar powered product on the market is the solar powered garden light. These are lights that you simply stab into the grass outside in order to keep the space lit in an atmospheric way. The great benefit of solar lights over other lights though of course is that they don’t need to be plugged in and don’t require batteries. Instead they have solar panels that allow them to charge during the day so that they always have plenty of power when it gets dark.


 Other Lights

 As well as garden lights, there are many other kinds of solar powered lights you can buy too – such as burglar lights designed to come on when they detect motion thus hopefully scaring away any potential trespassers or lighting the front garden for you when you come home.

Solar Chargers

Using solar power for your lights alone though isn’t going to save you all that much money – these days it’s our countless electronic gadgets and devices that are the most power-hungry. Fortunately these can benefit from solar power too if you get yourself a solar charger. These essentially allow you to charge your devices outside as long as the sun is out, meaning that you can avoid plugging your phone or tablet into the mains quite so often. This is also a very handy thing to have when travelling in case power outlets are tough to come by.

Solar Panels

Of course though if you want to go all the way and really commit to solar power, the biggest change you can make is to have solar panels installed. With an array on your roof you can generate enough power to run several of your bigger devices (such as the TV and Xbox) and maybe even have some power spare to sell back to the grid. It’s a great way for the average family to give themselves a little financial boost, it’s a brilliant lesson for children, and the deal is only made all the sweeter by the existence of various tax breaks and incentives offered by most governments.

Author By-line

The author of this post, Gemma Hastings, is a solar power expert and works for www.solarpanelgrants.org. She likes to express her thoughts about environment, ecology and how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle through her writings.



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