Different Gadgets That Use Solar Technology

Guest post by Katie Williams.

A clear looming crisis:

A super rich Arab Sheikh once declared that his grandfather rode a camel, his father a car and he flies in a helicopter, but wonders what if his son doesn’t even have a camel. The danger looms indeed; the unscrupulous and ruthless use of energy by humans will lead to an era when there will be no fossil fuel left to be used by them!

 The alternative: A sustainable way

 Solar energy is received from the sun by the earth. This energy is in the form of solar radiations and makes the production of solar electricity possible through solar technology.

It is only lately that the modern man (which claims to be the most evolved of the human species) caught on to the renewable nature of the Sun. Quite paradoxically; ancients did discern the importance of Sun as early as 30,000 B.C. Solar energy was used to desalinate water. They saw that plants grew better in the Sun over the shade. The striking example is of “The Stonehenge”. The Stonehenge was built to absorb the Sunlight in. In fact, many cultures erected mammoth temples to worship the Sun as God.

In around 100 Ad Romans warmed up their homes passively. They made use of solar energy without any machinery by making the ventilation with materials that imbibe heat, like adobe.

 The clear gains

In times of fast depleting natural resources, solar energy plays a replenishing role. In fact, it can provide for a bottom less supply of energy. The best part of using solar energy is, you don’t need to pay for your electricity charges. Just a one-time investment for solar panels and you are done.

Apart from a clear financial gain, going for solar energy helps the climate to be free of carbon emissions. A clear two-way gain and a win-win situation for the environment and the consumer!

 Manifestations of Solar Technology:

 Calculators: Perhaps, the initial use of solar power was in the handy calculators with the black strip. These calculators can never run out of battery.

Home illumination, heating: Does the Sun ever forget to rise? Come on, Sun is not a human like us to procrastinate things!! So, there’s no reason that the solar panels do not work to take in the Sun’s rays.

Solar water heater: Need a hot shower? But worried to turn on the electric water heater, with its zooming power consumption and of course the “shocking” power bills! Help is at hand with solar powered heaters.

Solar cookers: Want to have hot and healthy food? What better way than a solar cooker which heats up and even pasteurizes food. And mind you are even gaining on the fuel costs, also conserving the environment. Helping without hurting!!

Torches: Lazy or keep forgetting to plug the battery to charge it up? Have a solar-powered torch and just throw it (not literally of course) in the balcony with the sun rays falling on it. And lo the torch is up and running!!

 But gadgets that use solar energy do have a downside to it. They can’t be fully charged on cloudy days. So, it’s definitely true that solar-power as of now is not a replacement to regular power generation but complements it and is a cost-effective substitute. We can go for it as much as we can. After all, it helps us save money and helps the nature too.

 Author Bio: A conservationist and environmentalist by profession, Katie Williams emphasises on the eco-friendly way of living. Katie has documented many articles about ecology and environment, accentuating on the use of sustainable energy sources. He has also written on a few essential finance subjects like claim for ppi.


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