DIY Solar Power


Earth4EnergyHow often have you come across a web page or an advertisement about building your own solar panels and saving money on your electric bill? I bet you wondered if this is really possible. Could I build my own solar panels or a wind generator? Well with the Earth 4 Energy kit it is totally possible, and many people have been doing it for years. If you go to their website you can read hundreds of testimonials from people like you who had the same thoughts at one time, and now they are saving money because they took the first step and got their own DIY Solar kit. Now you can join them and get your kit and be on your way to saving money on your electric bill.

Earth 4 Energy
The earth 4 energy kit contains all the information you will need to start assembling your own solar panels at a price of about $200 or less. It includes information on where to purchase all the materials needed, and all of the tools that you need for the construction of your solar panels. If you are a handyman around your home you should have most of the needed tools in your toolbox already. You really do not need any technical skill because this is a rather simple process.

What Do I Get?
The kit includes manuals which come in a pdf. format with detailed, easy to find great deals on solar panel kitsfollow full color instructions. You will start with the introduction to do it yourself solar energy where you will learn the basics of solar power and all of the components you will need for a complete solar installation. It includes tips on where to buy the solar panels and the materials for the frames to get the best prices. The manual for building your solar panels shows you how to build the frame for the solar panel, how to easily install and wire the individual cells together so they all work together and produce maximum energy.

The electrical wiring guide will explain everything you need to know to run the wiring for the solar panels. The electrical guide will help you decide if you want to hook your solar panels directly to your electrical box, and sell excess power back to the electric company, or use batteries in a series to store electricity for times when the sun is not shining. Even with the battery system, if the batteries are fully charged the excess power will be sent back to the power company and this excess power will be deducted from your electric bill.

With the installation manual you will learn the best way to install your solar panels to get the maximum exposure from the sun. Included are detailed instruction for mounting solar panels on your roof. Of course you might not want to install the panels on your roof. You may want to install them as stand alone in your back yard. There are instructions for this as well. It will explain how to position the solar panels so that they work to their fullest. Naturally, you cannot face the panels to the North because they would never get any sun, and you do not want to mount them where they are in the shade of a tree or a building.

Solar Help Manual
The solar help manual includes a solar calculator to give you an idea of how many solar panels you will need to power your home. It is already set up for you and all you have to do is type in your details and press calculate and it automatically calculates how many panels you will need. There is also a solar tax credit and rebates section. All the forms are ready for you, just type in your information and press submit and you are done.

There is a wonderful video series that is available online. Once you purchase the kit the video’s are available to you any time you wish to view them. They cover all of the sections that the manuals cover and they are very detailed and include captions to help you with your DIY Solar Power project. It is recommended that you watch all the video’s first so you know what to expect.

Wind Generator
If you are interested in building a Wind Turbine there is a step by step guide for wind power with all the same great information that is available in the solar guide. Earth 4 Energy has all the instructions that you could possibly need for your own DIY Solar installation, including where to purchase the materials needed and, with the cost of a professional installation of solar panels well over $15,000, it is well worth the small price. If you are interested in going with a battery system there is a reconditioned battery guide that will teach you how to recondition your batteries to store the maximum power.


What I Think
All in all this is a great kit if you are interested in learning how to build your own alternative energy source. It also comes with a 100%, sixty day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Order your Earth4Energy kit today.  DIY Solar Power



                            Green DIY Energy

Green diy EnergyThe Green DIY Energy guide is a very comprehensive guide with many different sections, ranging from e-books and spreadsheets, to schematics and video’s to help you build your own DIY Solar system. In the e-book section you will learn the basics of a solar panel system, all of the tools that you will need to build a solar panel, information about tax incentives and a solar consumer guide that will help you calculate how much you could save with solar energy.

In the first section you will learn what a solar panel system is and how it works. It is broken into steps where you will learn the process of how to build a solar panel. It is really not that hard and you do not need any technical skills. There are detailed explanations on how to build a frame for the solar panels and how to wire and solder the individual cells together to make a working solar panel. Other resources will let you know where to purchase your solar cells and how to obtain used solar panels.

The installation guide will walk you through the process of mounting the panels to your roof, or on the ground, plus the local codes and government restrictions that you must be aware of. This is important because you do not want to place your solar panels in a shaded area or have them facing in the wrong direction. You need to know how to install the panels to get the maximum sun exposure for summer and winter.

The electrical guide will walk you through the wiring of the solar panels. Depending what type of system you prefer, one wired directly to your electrical box or a battery backup. If the system is wired directly to your electrical system excess power is sent into the power grid and the power company will pay you for this excess power. This type of system will not produce power at night or if the sun is not out. A battery backup system uses the power of the sun to charge and store power in batteries. This system will store the power for times when the sun is not out or if there is a power failure. This system will also send excess power back into the grid and you will be paid for it. You wont actually be paid but the excess power will be deducted from your electric bill.

There are over 200 pages of instructions, photos and scematics to make building your solar panels as easy as possible. All of the sections of the e-book are shown in detail in the included video. The video’s are of high quality and are downloadable. This is very handy because if you get stuck on one section of the instructions you can go and watch the video and actually see what comes next. You do not have to log into your account just to see what you need to do next. In the video’s you will also learn about the different types of solar cells and which are the best for your application.


There is also a section on how to build your own wind generator. This section has all the same great instructions and diagrams to walk you through the process step by step. It lists all the different parts of a wind generator and where to buy those parts. Whether you decide on build solar panel or a wind generator, either can be built for around $200 or less.
Green DIY Energy is protected by a 100% money back guarantee and they also offer access to their technical support center for all their customers. There is now information available for customers from Canada.diyhomebuiltsolar